Seven - FAQs

How much space do you need?

An ideal space would be 6x3 meters but sometimes we understand that there is not enough room for that so we are happy to squeeze in to smaller spaces where needed but do let us know if its really tight so we can bring less equipment to make sure we can fit.

How is it best to time things?

Well every event is slightly different from the last but there is a a rough timing guide that you could follow if you choose. One thing we do suggest is not to have the band playing during buffets or other sections where an audience may prefer a slightly quieter atmosphere.

A good guide to timings are as follows -

Arrival 6pm to be set up and soundchecked by 7:30
Background/DJ music from 7:30 until 8:30 Live set 1 from 8:30 until 9:30
Background/DJ music from 9:30 until 10:45 Live set 2 from 10:45 until 11:45 with encores or DJ music until midnight

Can I pick the bands playlist?

We are more than happy for you to have as little or as much input into the bands playlist. All we ask is to remember that we have been reading audiences for years and years so if we can have some artistic license to ensure that we keep everyone dancing that would be great!

Where will you travel to?

We will travel anywhere in the world. We have played as far as America and Dubai and as close as our next door neighbours wedding so just let us know where to be and we will be there.

Can I see you play live?

As you can imagine this can sometimes be pretty tricky but we do endeavour to keep our clients up to date with any public performances but we mainly do corporate and wedding parties which have a strict invite only policy. We do however have plenty of promotional material for you to see us perfom.

Will you learn our special song? We will learn one song free of charge and then every other is chargeable due to the time it takes.

Is the video on your website a true reflection of the band?

The videos on the website reflect the band very well. We do however sometimes use different fmale vocalists as we have a pool of incredible musicians that play with us on a regular basis.

How do I book you?

Just send us an enquiry and one of the lovely agents at will get back to you with all the details you need.

Are you able to DJ in between sets?

Yes we are indeed. If you would like an actual DJ we can sort this or we also offer a band member DJ service this is charged additionally.

Can we make DJ requests in advance to my event?

This is the best way to do things if we can get a list of disco material you would like played we can set this up in advance.

Can we use your sound system for speeches?

This is not a problem we don’t however carry wireless mics so you would need to stand by the bands set up.

What equipment do you use?

We have a huge amount of equipment but just for you we are going to list it all…

Drums - Yamaha Maple custom Hybrid drum kit (all Yan ever talks about)

Guitar - Blackstar Series one S1 Head and Cab USA Fender Stratocaster electric guitar Gibson Les Paul electric guitar for the swing stuff if booked gretsch electromatic guitar in bright orange (looks so cool)

Bass - Mark Bass amp and cab (a lovely rumble) USA Fender Jazz bass guitar

Keys - Nord Stage 2 and Roland JD

Vocals - all using Shure beta sm58 PA – we have a slection of PA but the most common ones used unless its upgraded for our larger are HK Audio Actor rig or QSC KW rig with Allen and Heath qu 16.

Do you have lights?

Again we have a lot of lights but here is the standard lighting package we offer: 2 x chauvet 4 play 2 x ecko lazers 2 x lanta hex beems 1 x chauvet par bar

How long do you play for?

Normally if booking the standard package we play for 2 x 60 minutes but we are able to increase this for a fee.

What time do you start and finish?

The standard os 7:30 to 12 midnight but again this is all flexible but will incur charges if we are needed for an earlier start or later finish.

How long do you take to set up?

Set up takes roughly 1 hour sometimes we can do this quicker.

Can I provisionally book you?

I am afraid not, the dates sell pretty quick and we work on a first come first served basis to ensure its fair and to make sure we secure as many bookings each year with this being our profession.

What if the band split up before my event?

Don’t panic this wont’ happen but in the event someone is ill or someone does decide to leave the band a suitable replacement will be put in place and we make sure that all the musicians and singers we use are of the same standard and background. We are very lucky to have such a huge pool of incredible musicians to choose from. Being based in London there are so many incredibly talented people for us to utilise if something like this were to happen.

Can my sisters/bosses/daughters dog sing with your band?

We actually love having guest singers join in as long as they can actually sing. We will however check with you first before allowing anyone to sing at your event. If you have a dog that can sing please please bring them along!

What will the band wear?

We will be immaculately presented and will ensure that each member looks super smart. We normally wear suits but if the client prefers a different look just let us know and we can see what we can do.

Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates?

We do indeed. We are covered for up to 10 million on PLI and the equipment is checked every year and we have the certificates to prove it.

Why should I book Seven?

I don’t think you should book hot shots I think you should book Seven!! :p With every event the entertainment will be something every guest will be talking about for weeks, months even years after get that right and your event will be one of the best. Booking Seven will ensure that every guest will leave with a smile on their face and legs that will ache the next day! How much does it cost to book the band? The best and quickest way to find out is get in touch with our agents at Alivenetwork fill them in on all the details of your event and they will give you an instant quote.

Can we see some previous client testimonials?

You can indeed just check out our testimonial page listed above.

Do Seven have any specific requirements?

We request a room in which to change, something to eat and drinks for the duration of our time at the venue.

What type/size venues are you able to play at?

We are able to play at any type of event regardless of the size. If you are throwing an event or a wedding where you would like a live music then we are more than happy to help crate the perfect occasion for you.

How loud will the band be?

We make sure that the people in the room we are playing are still able to have a conversation but at the same time loud enough to create the perfect energy flowing on the dance floor.

What is the band power requirement?

2 x 13 amp supplies is normally fine for us as all the equipment we use doesn’t draw huge amounts of power. As a rule 16 amps with the entire rig on should be fine.

Do Seven offer any additional services?

We offer a few different services:

- Solo sax for the ceremony.
- Acoustic duo for ceremony, reception drink and or meal.
- Swing band for the daytime or earlier parts of the evening.